Independent Living

ADRC – Delaware Aging and Disability Resource Center

A one-stop access point for information and services for older persons and adults with physical disabilities in the state of Delaware.
Website: DelawareADRC
Contact: (800) 223-9074 and (302) 391-3505 (TDD only)

Disability Accommodation Cost Guides

Disability accommodations can range in cost depending on the complexity of the changes. Learn more about expected costs of specific accommodations here.
Link: Disability Accommodation Cost Guides

Disability.Gov Accessible Home Resources

Resources and organizations that will help you get information about making your home accessible.
Link: Where Can I Get Help Paying for Home Repairs or Modifications to Make My Home More Accessible?

Easter Seals Resource and Technology Demonstration Center

Featuring assistive technology or “tools for independence” for people with disabilities or aging conditions.
Website: Easter Seals Delaware and Eastern Shores Resource Center
Link: Making Our Lives Accessible
Contact: 61 Corporate Circle, New Castle, DE 19720 – (302) 221-2087

Independent Living Inc.

Address: 100 West 10th Street, #601, Wilmington, DE 19801
Contact: (302)429-6693

Freedom Center for Independent Living

Empowering people with disabilities by helping them gain control and direction over their own lives.
Website: Freedom Center for Independent Living
Address: 400 North Broad Street, Middletown, DE 19709
Contact: (302) 376-4399 or (302) 449-1487 (TTY)

Magee Rehabilitation – A Day in The Life Series

A four part video series depicting people with spinal cord injuries and who are in wheelchairs. The videos discuss how they adapt to their physical limitations and become self-sufficient.

Video – Home Mobility

Link to Day In The Life Video Series

Other videos in the Series include:
Kitchen Mobility
Working Out Part 1
Working Out Part 2
Community Mobility Part 1
Community Mobility Part 2

Personal Finance Guide for People With Disabilities

A resource guide for people with disabilities to help them manage their finances and meet their financial goals.
Link: Personal Finance Guide for People With Disabilities

The Traveling Barbers

An in-home hair cutting and styling service for people with disabilities for whom traveling to a hair salon or barber may not be in their best interest. Providing services in the tri-state area.
Contact: (609) 775-7251

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