Meet Delaware Family Voices Staff Member Erica Schetter

Delaware Family Voices is pleased to announce the addition of Erica Schetter to the Delaware Family Voices family.

Welcome Erica Schetter!

As Project Administrator, Erica’s role is to advocate for families of children with healthcare needs and to help them navigate the healthcare system.

Delaware Family Voices Staff MemberErica is a recent graduate of University of Delaware with a B.S. in Human Services. Through her volunteer work with the Special Olympics and the Scleroderma Foundation, she discovered her passion for working with families and children with special healthcare needs. She is eager to learn and absorb from the professionals she works alongside. With that valuable knowledge, Erica will help families discover new resources while empowering them to utilize those resources.

You can reach Erica directly at (302) 669-3033, extension 802, or at her email,

Join us in welcoming Erica on board!


Delaware Family Voices is a 501 C3 Non-profit organization. Consider Donating to our organization and help support Delaware families in need.


2 responses to “Meet Delaware Family Voices Staff Member Erica Schetter”

  1. Susan Foy says:

    We heard about your organization tonight at Asperger’s Alliance. We didn’t know this existed until several families mentioned you as a great resource in helping them. We are in the process of resubmitting our request for SSI assistance for our Asperger’s 18-year-old son. We’d like to know if you have any insight for us. Thanks for everything.

    • Carol Biederman says:

      Hi Susan. I will forward your information to Erica. I’d also suggest you either call us directly at (302) 669-3030 or submit the same information through our Contacts page, including your preferred method of contacting you. Here’s the link to the Contacts page.

      Please let me know if I can help you further. Carol

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