Delaware 911 Voluntary Registry


The Delaware ‘911’ emergency system and the Delaware Emergency Management Agency (DEMA) welcome you to the Emergency Preparedness Voluntary Registry for citizens who have special needs.

‘911’ and DEMA in collaboration with other agencies, both state and non-state, have developed this Voluntary Registry to help you prepare for an emergency event before it happens. Emergencies and disasters sometimes happen with no warning and you need to be ready.

Local and state emergency planners and first responders will use the information gathered from this site to plan for local and state emergencies. The ability to plan ahead will help emergency personnel to better serve the community at times of crisis such as: snow, floods, fire, tornadoes, or events that involve terrorism. On a daily basis, ‘911’ personnel and first responders will have access to this information and will use it to better serve you should you need to dial ‘911’. This includes fire, police, and EMT personnel.

This is a voluntary registry. The information entered in it will be shared with ‘911’, fire, police, and EMT personnel and will be used by emergency planners and first responders in times of crisis.

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