In a landmark decision, the United States Justice Department obtained a $10.5 million settlement to resolve disability-based housing discrimination lawsuit. JPI Construction L.P. (JPI) and six other JPI firms were charged with discriminating on the basis of disability in the design and construction of multifamily housing complexes throughout the United States.
The Justice Department decided that JPI did indeed discriminate on the basis of disability. JPI will now pay $10,250,000 into an accessibility fund to provide retrofits at properties built by JPI. These retrofits will comply with ADA standards for accessible designs as established by the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Fair Housing Act (FHA) and further increase the availability of housing that is accessible to people with disabilities.
Read the complete press release on the settlement at the United States Department of Justice’s website – Justice Department Obtains Landmark $10.5 Million Settlement to Resolve Disability-Based Housing Discrimination Lawsuit.

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