Button cell batteries – they are everywhere! In watches, cell phones, toys, hearing aids, even flashlights. They power many items we come across in our every day lives.
But are you aware of the potential hazard button cell batteries pose for our littlest ones?
According to Medline Plus, the number of children treated in emergency rooms after swallowing batteries — or lodging them in their noses and ears — has almost doubled over the past 20 years.
Just what is a button cell battery? It’s those small, disk-shaped power sources, so small in fact that they can easily be swallowed. Or stuffed up a little nose. Or pushed into a tiny ear. And they can be so very attractive to a curious toddler.

English: Two identical LR44 button cell alkali...

A button cell alkaline battery (showing top side and underside). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What can you do to protect those curious young kids in your house? Mostly, be diligent. Don’t leave button cell batteries laying around. Batteries not in use need to be stored safely out of sight – and out of reach – of little kids. Make sure toys that use button cell batteries have secure battery compartments that can’t be opened by curious little fingers.
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Keep your kids safe – be aware of the potential dangers button cell batteries can pose and how to keep them out of little hands.