The Delaware Transit Corporation (DART) has announced the release of it’s new mobile website, designed with smartphones in mind. Keep on top of all your Delaware public transportation needs right from your smartphone with this phone-friendly website. Access schedules, rider alerts, and more whenever you are on the go.
The mobile website includes the following informational links:

  • Rider Alerts – Know before you go if a particular stop is closed, and for how long.
  • Trip Planner – Use the DART Google Transit Planner to determine point-to-point transportation options.
  • Routes and Schedules – Find routes and schedules by County and by inter-county, then link to the full detail about a particular route.
  • DART News – Learn when a line or track might be shut down for construction, and other helpful DART news.
  • Contact DART – Need to speak with DART in person? Have easy and quick access to DART contact information.
  • Link to the Full Website – Don’t find what you need at the mobile site? Link back to the full website.

If you use the DART transportation system and have a smartphone, be sure to bookmark or add to your home screen, the DART mobile site for easier on-the-go access.
Using DART Trip Planner by Google Transit:

Powered by Google Transit, the DART Trip Planner helps you identify and map options for arriving at your next destination. Easily determine the path of that next DART trip whether at home or on the go. Access the DART Trip Planner through either the DART mobile website or through the full website.
Here’s step-by-step instructions on using the DART Google Transit Trip Planner:
1. Enter a start point. This could be your home, work, a local store, or wherever you are beginning your journey.
2. Enter a destination. Where do you want to go?
3. Enter the date and time you need the trip information for.
4. Enter a Plan By. Decide whether you want to search schedules by Departure or Arrival Time.
5. Click on Get Directions. A Google map will show path options to take you from your starting point to your final destination.
6. Click on the Bus icon. The Bus icon is located in the upper left screen of the Google map display. Note: Unless otherwise specified, Google Maps will initially display driving directions. You will need to change the display via the Bus icon to receive public transportation options.

You should now have a detailed step-by-step transportation plan, complete with maps as well as written instructions on how to get to the nearest bus stop, which bus to take, as well as whether or not connections are needed. The map also provides how long each step will take to complete.

That’s it. You are now ready to depart. It’s pretty easy to access detailed point-to-point bus line information with the DART Trip Planner.
To learn more about using DART transportation, check out DART’s Getting There Starts Here page.
Do you use the DART trip planning feature or other features of the DART transportation website? Do you plan to use the DART mobile website? Do you already use the mobile website? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments section below.

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