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Did you know that one in five households with children include a child with special health care needs?
Who is the “Child With Special Health Care Needs?”
A child with special health care needs is one who has or is at an increased risk of chronic physical, developmental, behavioral or emotional conditions. This child might require additional health and other related services above and beyond what would typically be required by children of an equivalent age.
So who is the child with special health care needs? She’s the one with a chronic illness, disability or behavior health issues. He’s the one with severe asthma, autism, ADHD, cebebral palsy, cystic fibrosis, diabetes, Down syndrome, sensory impairment, sickle cell anemia, spina bifida. A child with special health care needs comes from all walks of life, across all demographics and income levels, all ethnicities.
Are you the parent or guardian of a child with special health care needs, or know someone who is? Are you in search of assistance, a way to connect with others, a way to find resources to better the lives of these children?
Family SHADE can help!
Family SHADE’s primary objective is to enable, empower and enrich families of children with disabilities and chronic health conditions.


What is Family SHADE?

Family SHADE is the Support and Healthcare Alliance Delaware – an alliance of organizations, agencies and families whose purpose is to work together to better the lives of children with special health care needs. Family SHADE provides families with the information they need to manage their child’s special health care needs, helping these families navigate through the multitude and sometimes confusing resources that can assist their children.
Effective family support requires a multi-faceted, family centered approach to caring for these children. Family SHADE members are committed to ensuring that parents, siblings, and extending families have the resources, information, and social and emotional support they need to care for their children.
Delaware Family Voices is a proud member of Family SHADE!


What Services Can Family SHADE Provide?

Through the Family SHADE website, you can do all the following:

Through a phone call to Family SHADE, you can speak directly with parents who understand what you might be going through. You can receive information and referrals to the resources you need to better manage your child’s special health care needs.

Who Are The Family SHADE Members?

The Family SHADE members represent a broad range of organizations and individuals, all of whom strive towards a common goal – to work together to advance the purposes of Family SHADE, and to improve the lives of children with special healthcare needs.
Family SHADE members come from all walks of life, and typically have a connection to these children through one of the following categories:

Organizations and Agencies – that serve children with special health care needs in Delaware

Family Members and Guardians – of children with special health care needs, or self -advocates, living and receiving services in Delaware

Emerging Adults – who have special health care needs, living and receiving services in Delaware.

Family SHADE members are people like you. People who’ve “been there.” People who want to make a difference in the lives of children with special healthcare needs. For a complete list of organizations that work under the Family SHADE alliance, click on this link.

Families Know Best

Not sure if a membership in the Family SHADE alliance is for you, but you still want to help? Consider becoming a member of the Families Know Best parent advisory council and help Family SHADE better serve children through monthly, confidential surveys.

Contacting Family SHADE

Interested in learning more about Family SHADE? Perhaps become a member of the Family SHADE Alliance or Families Know Best? Call 1-855-755-SHADE (7432) and speak directly with a Family SHADE member.
You can also contact Delaware Family Voices at 302-221-5362 and we can help you find the information you need.
Now’s a great time to check out Family SHADE’s newly launched website!

Family SHADE – Enable. Empower. Enrich.

Delaware Family Voices is a 501 C3 Non-profit organization. Consider donating to our organization via United Way #12691.

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