Brain Injuries Do Not Discriminate

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can happen in an instant, yet can bring a lifetime of physical, cognitive and behavioral challenges. Brain injuries can affect anyone. They occur in all walks of life, at all ages and stages, across all demographics and income levels.
Did you know that in the United States alone –
– 1.7 million people, including 475,000 children, sustain TBI each year?
– 3.1 million people live with life long disabilities as a result of a TBI?
– 52,000 people will die from a TBI?
– 275,000 people will be hospitalized, and that 1.365 million people will be treated and released from an emergency department?
Just as no two people are alike, no two brain injuries are alike. Early, equal and adequate access to care will greatly increase the overall quality of life for people with brain injuries. With proper care, therapeutic rehabilitation and adequate long-term support, millions of people are living with brain injuries and the successes and challenges that each day brings them.
Get the Facts about brain injury from The Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA).

The Brain Injury Association of America

The Brain Injury Association of America is with you every step of the way. BIAA helps people with brain injuries and their families by providing information, resources and support and by advocating for life-saving research and treatment.
Learn more about the Brain Injury Association of America and how it can help you or someone you know who is living with a brain injury.

How Can You Help?

The BIAA can accomplish more with a strong collective voice that includes you. You are invited to join BIAA during March to help raise awareness for brain injuries and the challenges people with brain injuries face. You can help by sharing Brain Injury Association’s posts on Facebook, retweeting important messages from your state Brain Injury affiliate on Twitter. The Delaware affiliate of the Brain Injury Association of America can be found on Facebook and Twitter at @BIADE.
Let everyone know why protecting and promoting the rights of people with brain injury is important to you.

Find Your State’s Brain Injury Association Affiliate

The Brain Injury Association’s nationwide network of affiliate organizations are the go-to resource for anyone living with a brain injury, their family and friends, the professionals who provide research treatment and services to people with brain injuries, and the general public. A local chapter can provide you with direct support, information, resources, education and advocacy opportunities.
Here’s the link to the Brain Injury Association of Delaware.


Don’t live in Delaware?To find an affiliate near you, click on Brain Injury Association State Affiliate Finder.
Will you help spread awareness for brain injuries and the effects they have on the people who live with them? Let us know how you are raising awareness in the Comments section below.
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