Let’s all give a big, warm welcome to Delaware Family Voices’ new Statewide Family Network Project Coordinator, Wanda Ford.

Meet Wanda Ford, Project Coordinator

Wanda comes to Delaware Family Voices with a broad smile, and a passion for helping families. She brings with her a career dedication to children with special needs, including mental health issues. Wanda’s path to helping families began with a Master of Science in Counseling from West Chester University, where she specialized in mental health issues.
Wanda Ford
Wanda also has worked extensively with people and families in crisis. With more than 15 years of experience working with people in need of mental health, drug/alcohol, or crisis services, Wanda is a valuable addition to the Delaware Family Voices family. Her experience extends from local to state agencies as well as private agencies in both Pennsylvania and Delaware.
Wanda’s prior experience also includes assisting families with advocacy, individual and family counseling, and assessment services.
A quote from Wanda: “I have always been passionate about the need of children, youth, and their families. I have always worked in relation to helping someone to improve their life circumstance.”

Wanda’s Role With Delaware Family Voices

Wanda’s position as Project Coordinator for the Statewide Family Network Grant will be instrumental in moving this most valuable resource forward for families in Delaware.
As Project Coordinator, she will lead our efforts in a statewide family movement and system transformation for families of children and youth at risk for or with serious emotional, behavioral, and/or mental health challenge. In her new position. Wanda’s objectives are to:

  • Work with families and community partners to help identify and connect families to available supports and each other as well as to services for the child and family.
  • Serve as both a mentor and a liaison to parents and providers in efforts to create system change.
  • Assist families in accessing insurance or other financial assistance for health care plans, commercial insurance or other programs through federal, state, and/or other public agencies.

Wanda will also be developing and implementing training and workshops for parents of SED, parent leadership, and organization building.

Welcome Aboard, Wanda!

You may contact Wanda directly at (302) 669-3304. She’s looking forward to meeting our families, and ready to help Delaware Family Voices achieve our mission and vision for families with children of  special healthcare needs through out Delaware.

What is the Statewide Family Network?

The Statewide Family Network’s goal is to enhance the state child mental health system and to better address the needs of children and adolescents with serious emotional disturbances. Wanda’s role as Project Coordinator will be to help families find the information, referrals, and support they need for their child with a serious emotional disturbance.
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