The Newborn Screening Program was developed in Delaware to test newborns for rare conditions that, without this screening process, would remain undetected. Many of these conditions can be better treated if they are caught early but could be harmful to your child if not treated properly.
The screening is a simple blood test. The blood spot sample is then kept in the Delaware Public Health Laboratory for up to three years. With the consent of parents these samples may be used to improve testing in the future. However, all information related to the program is confidential.
The Newborn Screening Program (NSP) costs $98 per child. However, no child will be denied testing because of an inability to pay the fee. Instructions for finding an exemption form can be found on the Baby’s First Test website.
The state of Delaware now requires that all newborns must participate in the NSP. The only way to opt out is on the ground of religious obligations. Delaware also provides support for families whose newborns are diagnoses with one of the conditions that are tested for in the NSP.
For more information and a full list of conditions screened for please visit Baby’s First Test.

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