Early Childhood

 Act Early – CDC

Learn the signs to act early. Providing information and tools to track your child’s development. From birth to 5, certain milestones should be reached in how your child plays, learns, speaks, acts and moves.
Website: Act Early

Child Development Watch

Delaware’s early intervention program for children birth – 3. Enhancing the development of infants and toddlers with disabilities or developmental delays and the capacity of their families to meet the needs of their young children.
Website: Child Development Watch

Child Development Watch services are by appointment only:
New Castle County: Chopin Building, (302) 283-7240 or (800) 671-0050
Kent/Sussex County: Milford Walnut Blg, (302) 424-7300 or (800) 752-9393

Children and Families First Delaware

Helping parents and children across Delaware develop solutions to meet challenges and embrace opportunities. Providing social, educational and mental health services that cover the lifespan.
Website: Children & Families First Delaware (CFFDE)
Contact: 302-658-5177 (New Castle County) / 800-220-3092

Cord Blood Banking

Helping expectant mothers and families learn more about cord blood banking.
Website: Cord Blood Banking

A downloadable guide to cord blood banking.
Website: Cord Blood Guide

Delaware ECAP and Head Start Program

Early Childhood Assistance Program – ECAP: Providing comprehensive child development programs for low-income families with children age 4 and eligible for kindergarten the following year.

Head Start: Providing child development services to children age 3 to school entry at or below the poverty.

Link: Early Childhood Assistance Program (ECAP)
Link: Delaware Dept. of Education – Office of Early Learning
Head Start Collaboration
Link: Office of Early Learning Resources

DE Immunizations – Infants & Children

Protect your children against disease by having them vaccinated, beginning at birth. Protect your children by getting them all the recommended vaccinations on time.
Link: Delaware Immunizations – Infants & Children

Delaware Newborn Screening Program

This program is intended to identify newborn babies with one of a number of rare disorders.
WebsiteDelaware Newborn Screening Program

Help Me Grow

Helping parents and caregivers find the information and resources they need to answer their questions, including help with a healthy pregnancy, screening for conditions that might impact development, parenting support and access to health and social services.
Link: DE Thrives – Help Me Grow

Impact on Health And Wellness

Promoting a holistic approach to health and wellness for families and children, including those with special healthcare needs and disabilities. Find materials, tools and other resources to learn skills to build healthy relationships, healthy families, and healthy communities. A project of National Family Voices.

Website: Impact on Health & Wellness
Link: Well Visit Planner – Making the Most of Your Child’s Health Care Checkups

Infant Hearing – NCHAM

Working to ensure all infants and toddlers with hearing loss are identified as early as possible and provided with timely and appropriate audiological, educational, and medical intervention.
Website: Infant Hearing.org 

Including Young Children w Disabilities

Information on children with special needs and their rights to receive care and education in the least restrictive environment along with their age-appropriate peers.
Article: Including Young Children w Disabilities In Typical Early Childhood Settings

Well Visit Planner

A free online tool to help families prepare for their children’s upcoming well-child visits to the health care provider. It takes 10-15 minutes to fill out and can be printed to take to your child’s doctor visit.
Link: Well-Visit Planner

CDC’S Milestones In Action

A FREE library of photos and videos of developmental milestones. Learn the signs, then act early.
Link: Milestones in Action

Una biblioteca gratuita de fotos y videos de los indicadores del desarrollo. Aprenda los signos, reaccione temprano.
Link: Indicadores en acción

Link: Free Milestones in Action Tracking App

CDC’s Developmental Milestones Quiz

Learn the signs of Autism and early childhood development. Take the CDC’s “Are You As Sharp As A Tack” Developmental Milestones quiz today.

Test Your Knowledge. Take the Milestones Quiz.