Are your kids having a great time at summer camp? We sure hope so! The summer camp experience can bring so much excitement, fun and learning opportunities into an otherwise dull summer break from school.

Summer Camp Tips

Summer camps, whether for one week or four weeks, sleep away or a half-day, are often long-awaited activities that kids can’t wait to enjoy. They are the opportunity to catch up with old friends and the chance to make new friends. Summer camps give kids the chance to just be a kid, no school work looming over their heads.

Will You Share Your  Summer Camp Tips?

But sometimes there are glitches when sending kids to camp. Things don’t always go as smoothly as you’d like them to. This can be especially true when sending children with special needs to summer camp. And that’s where you can help us, help others.
Have you learned a few things about what works – and what doesn’t work – for sending your child with special needs to camp? We’d love to know!
Send us your tips for ensuring your child with special needs has a wonderful summer camp experience. Sharing summer camp tips is a great way to help other families ensure their child also has a great camp experience.

Share Your Child’s Summer Camp Photos!

We’d also love to hear all about your child’s experiences. Send us one or two photos of your children with special needs enjoying their time at summer camp. We’d love to see how much fun they are having.
Don’t forget to also share their summer camp story with the photo.
Stories can be short and simple. We want to know what it was about the camp that worked for your child. Be sure to tell us what your child enjoyed most at camp, too.

Hope To Hear From You Soon!

It’s easy to share with Delaware Family Voices. If you are only submitting summer camp tips or a summer camp story with no photos, use the Share Your Story form. If you are submitting photos, please email them directly to Erica Schetter at

Share Your Summer Camp Stories

We look forward to sharing your summer camp tips and photos in a future Delaware Family Voices blog post. If you have any questions, including how to submit your tips, photos, or stories, please contact Erica directly at (302) 669- 3033.
Images via Flicker: Summer Camp by KamathResidency, No Cares by PeterBlanchard.

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