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Shortly after President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act into law, anti-health care Republicans filed suit in federal court, trying to block the law from taking effect.
Make no mistake – the law is on solid legal ground. In fact, 19 courts have dismissed challenges to the Affordable Care Act, but that hasn’t stopped these ideologues from dragging out the process in the hopes of scoring political points with their base.
On March 26-28, the Supreme Court will hear arguments on the law, with a ruling expected this summer. We’re confident the Court will uphold the Affordable Care Act, but we can’t take this challenge lightly.
That’s why we’ve created this Supreme Court Update Center. Here, you can learn all about the case – from the key players and the arguments to how lower courts have ruled. And, most importantly, this is where you can find out what you can do to show the Supreme Court that you support our health care rights and want to see them upheld!
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